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Hythe Venetian Fete 1890 – 2017

The Hythe Venetian Fete is a tableaux of decorated floats in various themes held on the Royal Military Canal in the town of Hythe every second year on the third Wednesday in August. The Fete attracts an audience of thousands from far and wide to see the two processions of up to 40 floats, first in daylight, and then again after dark when illuminated. At dusk between the two parades there is a grand firework display.

Although aquatic events were held on the canal during the middle of the 19th century it was not until 1890 that Edward Palmer (founder of the Hythe Reporter) suggested a parade of illuminated boats on the canal and on Wednesday 27th August of that year the first parade took place. Palmer coined the name ‘Venetian Fete’ when he reported the event in his newspaper and the name stuck and has been used ever since.

Fete program 1929

The Venetian Fete has had a chequered history…